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Hey there! I'm Sarah, a Chattanooga based photographer, hiker, and tailless cat owner. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

I swoon for big sky, long hikes, and a heavy pour. I believe in the details that make you you, a sly smile and always finding your light. Photos are moments and emotions that you can't afford to ever lose. So, let's keep on making them. 

I've never been able to narrow down a subject I love most. If I'm behind the camera, you can bet I'm happy and I want to leave you with the same feeling.
Personal Empowerment? YES! Let me make you feel like the boss you are every day. Headshots? Let's do it! What or where makes you feel the most alive? I'll leave you with the perfect Bumble pic or book jacket cover photo. Some new art for those empty walls? Check out my prints!
Stop on by the Contact section and drop me a line! Let's make something cool. 

call me, beep me if you wanna reach me


finding your light

is key, regardless of what you’re shooting. I’d love to take your picture and hear about your favorite trail over a good beer.

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