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SheVentures: A Photo Essay of a Weekend Well Spent

When I say I had the pleasure, that is an understatement. I had the pleasure and the joy, the discomfort and elation of assisting to shoot the SheVentures weekend in late July.

SheVentures is a weekend in the mountains of Chattanooga, TN specifically designed to welcome women from all over into the outdoors in a nonjudgemental, loving, and educational environment. Over 100 women and 30+ volunteers show up to camp for two nights in the heat of the summer, learn to mountain bike, hike, trail run rock climb, and paddle board, Above all they build relationships with other women and solidify the thought that women truly do belong anywhere and that they can do anything!

Enjoy these little moments of joy as much as we all enjoyed a whole weekend of acceptance and the building of a community.

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