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Tell me about your love! 

How did you meet? Do you have a favorite song or inside joke? Is there a park or bar that elicits a bright memory? Do you love to hike? Me too! 

I don't believe that love and families are picture perfect and clean and shiny. I want to lean into the goofy, muddy, messy, and uniqueness that each person brings to the union. I encourage you to step outside of the Valentine's Day and Engagement shoot norm and find a random time during the year to fully step into your relationships and document this love that flows every day. Besides, they make great holiday cards when that time comes too!

Let's Shoot

Couple shoots are $450 for a 1.5-hour shoot at one location. Feel free to bring a couple of outfits, we'll have time. Let's show the world a look for a night on the town and a casual Saturday. 

Within three weeks of the shoot, you'll receive an online gallery with your edited photos to keep in a personal online gallery along with their print release. 

Additional items such as albums, prints, customized USB, are available for purchase. 

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Once you make the choice to reach out, I'll dive into getting to know you and your loved one(s) to better curate this experience to you! Let's grab a drink and chat.

We'll set a date and settle on a location that means something to you, be it a bar, park, your own home, or your first-date coffee shop. On the day of, we'll meet up and discuss some ideas for our time together then we'll get to shooting. I want to see you as you are. Some poses are fun, sure, but I want to snag those lifestyle shots that capture the laughter and joy between you. 

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Next Steps

All you have to do is click that little "Let's Chat" button below. I can't wait to get this ball rolling with you and capture all of the love!

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